2nd Annual SweethART Auction and Cookie Walk

       WHAT:   The 2nd Annual SweetheART Auction and Cookie Walk is a joint-effort fund raiser for the Mantua Restoration Society and the Comunity Center Management Board.

       WHEN:   Saturday, February 10th, from noon until 5:00 P.M.

       WHERE:  At the Mantua Center School building, 11741 Mantua Center Road, about 100 yards north of State Rte. 82.(Pay no mind to the "Road Closed" sign, it's open for 1 1/2  miles.)

   This was a very popular event for us last year, and we have added a few new wrinkles  this year. For one thing, there will be music by a couple of local talents in the  proposed Community Room ( the main floor's north room). Award-winning artists from Akron have donated ceramics , artisanal glass, and woodcarvings. Locally, Skip Schweitzer has donated some of his own wooden art, Shalersville's Dean Olson has donated several paintings, and Frost Glass of Mantua has promised a piece. No doubt about it, we're getting noticed across a wider area this year!

    Also to be auctioned off are a selection of mini art quilts, locally hand-made and really terrific looking. Wait until you see the little quilt with a picture of Mantua Center School in the middle of it! All of these are true works of art.

      THIS JUST IN!   The Restoration Society will be selling raffle tickets for a BASEBALL BAT commemorating the Cleveland Indians' 122 consecutive wins in the 2017 season.  That is an uncontested American League record. The bat is #909 of only 2017 made, and is signed by all the team's players and manager Terry Francona, and includes each player's jersey number.  (given the climate of "political correctness" { the ultimate oxymoron in a free society} this may be your last chance to own anything with the name, "Cleveland Indians" on it!) The winning ticket will be drawn after a certain minimum number of tickets are sold, which may not happen until a later event , but will be drawn this year. 

    "Whimses" are those items that are more "crafty" than "artsy" with their own special appeal. They were popular last year, and earned their place again this year. 

      PLEASE NOTE!   WHIMSIES WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED  ON SATURDAY. FEB.3rd, FROM 10 A.M. until 2 P.M. AT THE TOWNSHIP CIVIC CENTER  AT THE SW CORNER OF THE TOWNSHP GREEN, on the south side of Rte. 82. There were so many last year that it makes logistical sense to handle them this way.  They will all be DISPLAYED AND OFFERED AT THE SCHOOL BUILDING ALONG WITH EVERYTHING ELSE.  Please be aware that some things might not fit the parameters of this event.

     COOKIES may be delivered to the school building from 9A.M. 11A.M. on Saturday, the 10th. Please, NO GOOEY COOKIES or pastries that might lead to damage to an item on display.  In addition to the art quilts, there will be hand made afghans, doillies,and other items that stain easily but can be very hard to "de-stain".

     As always at our events, we will have a good selection of  HOME-MADE FOOD, available for a donation to the Mantua Restoration Society, Inc. I know there will be chili and hot dogs, but you'll have to be there to see what else we'll have! We hope you can join us on Saturday, Feb. 10th, from noon til 5 P.M. at our beautiful Mantua Center School building.

      If you need more information about the SweetheART Auction and Cookie Walk, call Carole Pollard at 330-274-0118; about the Community Center, call Teri Vechery at 330-962-0818.