Elevator Celebration

The elevator project is moving ahead in the Mantua Center School building, albeit more slowly than many of us wished or anticipated. However, the main thing is that it IS moving ahead. Most of the required new electrical service work is done, and now the elevator company can very soon begin to build the actual "passenger car" to carry people to all floors of the building. It has been a long haul , and sometimes very frustrating, not to mention very expensive, but keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of the cost has been covered by grant money, obtained by the Grants and Funding Committee. Very little of the cost to date has come from the township coffers. Once the elevator is in and working, we will give you a clearer picture of the cost proportions. You will almost certainly be very pleasantly surprised at just how much was covered by grant money and money raised by The Mantua Restoration Society and The Mantua Historical Society, and how little of the total came from Township funds. The Mantua Restoration Society is planning a party to celebrate the completion and full use of the elevator. Details are yet incomplete, but will be posted here as soon as we can make concrete plans and set a date, probably in September. 

In November, we hope to be able to have our "after-you-vote" get-together in the building, making use of the separate elevator entrance to gain the required distance from the polls. More on that later. If necessary, we'll hold it in the Civic Center again.

More on elevator progress next week. Stay tuned!.