April events indefinitely postponed

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everyone's lives. Organization after organization has cancelled events for the foreseeable future, and The Mantua Restoration Society, Inc., is among them.  The Easter Egg hunt and the Tenth Anniversary Celebration are on indefinite hold. 

The officers cancelled the March 16 meeting, and will confer via phone and e-mail about April meetings.  Once a decision has been made about that, the information will be posted here.

Websites are generally supposed to look as if they just created themselves impersonally.  When this great global trial is behind us, the MaRSI site will resume that tone.  For now, however, or at least for this announcement, impersonality will also be suspended.

In spite of pretty limited computer skills, I, Carole Pollard, volunteered to do the website.  Our webmaster, Paul Dagnall, has been the soul of helpfulness--but after a skirmish with the computer, it takes me a couple of days to be willing to have another go.  Since I have the MaRSI members in my contacts, and since I have kept my blog contacts from the Virtual Torch days, I will notify you when something new goes up on the website.

Since things heated up with the coronavirus in the U.S., I have been as glued to the TV as I was for the three days or so immediately following 9/11.  

Here are the things that I think are most important:

Keeping a distance of at least six feet from another person is extremely important.  Bars and restaurants in Ohio have been ordered to close except for carryout as a result.

Staying home is crucial, and no visits with friends in the house, no playdays with neighbor children are also necessary. 

The schools are closed because although kids may be much less vulnerable, they can through a network of contacts spread the virus to the adults they come in contact with.

The spread of the disease in this country has not peaked yet, not by a long shot. New York City has supplanted Seattle as the most affected city.  In commenting on the idea that July or August might be the peak, NYC mayor Bill DiBlasio said that his health director said it could be September. 

A drop in the number of new cases does not mean we are free and clear.  No one is immune, and cases could surge if the guidelines are not carefully (almost compulsively) followed by every one of us.  The experts predict a series of lulls and surges.


Some school officials at state levels have said that schools may be shut down not just for the rest of the school year, but for the calendar year.

Governor Dewine has been holding daily press conferences at 2:00p.m.  They air on WKSU and Channel 2, the Ohio Channel.  Spectrum 1 may also carry them.  Spectrum carries any press conferences from the White House. 

If anyone wants to contact me, it will be easiest for me if it is through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .    I know how to deal with that.  I will answer and may put something on the website if it looks to be something we all should know.   I don't do facebook, even though MaRSI has a page.  There's a limit to how much computer time I can tolerate.