Celebrate Ten Years AND the Elevator AND Chocolate AND a Very Special Speaker ! (And More)

April 18, 2020   

The time for the Mantua Restoration Society, Inc, (.MaRSI) annual meeting has come around again, but this is not just your ordinary meeting. We are planning a long-awaited celebration.

In 2010, after much work on the building since the school's 2010 purchase, we could finally go in and begin using it.  About ten of us had made up our minds that we were going to support the school in every way we could.  Our first event was an ice cream social and open house, which was a huge success. 

To get ready for it, we worked like indentured servants or galley slaves for about ten days.  Some of us have gone on to other pursuits and places, and some have left us.  But we got the building cleaned up and ready to be seen, and we laid in enough ice cream for about five times as many people as came--and many came. 

It has been a long haul, but here we are today.  All of you in MaRSI. plus various readers of Carole Pollard's blog and many other members of the community have pitched in, contributed, worked, and been patient. 

Getting to this day is your accomplishment, and here is what we are going to celebrate.

The elevator is done.

The bell tower has been repaired, rehabilitated, and is now gleaming white again.

The roof on the gym will be replaced once the weather breaks.

We have had a speaker at each annual meeting. 

For this celebration, Ohio State Senator John Eklund has agreed to be our speaker.  If you came to the 100th anniversary celebration of the school building, you met Senator Eklund and heard him speak.  He has been a wonderful friend for the building, helping and advising us on how to get state capital fund grants that filled in the gap between the initial grant from the Portage County Commissioners and the final cost of the elevator.

Here is the day's agenda:

Noon: Gather at the Mantua Center School building, 11741 Center Road.  As usual, enjoy light snacks and meet and greet each other.  Enjoy music by Skip Schweitzer and Friends.

1:00 p.m.:Review minutes from last year's meeting and approve./elect officers for 2020.

Then hear from Senator Eklund.  

"Intermission" while we set up the next part of the celebration.

Then we will celebrate.

There will be a dessert auction of 20 items, not all of them chocolate, but focused on chocolate.  After all, what is an elevator without chocolate?

But wait, there's more:  A silent auction of some carefully selected craft items, plus six mini art quilts,at least one of them a quilted photograph of the school,and the drawing for the raffle quilt.

We anticipate being able to try out the elevator and perhaps get a peek into the room that many have envisioned as a community room.

After that, as usual, potluckand fellowship.   

And renew your membership in The Mantua Restoration Society, Inc.--a bargain at $10.00 for an individual or $15.00 for a couple.  And look at what it has accomplished.  

Remember:  !2 noon on Saturday April 18 at the Mantua Center School building