Elevator Update 2

As of November 15th, work on the elevator is (FINALLY!) , slowly, drawing to a close. This has been a very frustrating process for everyone, but most of all for trustee Vic Grimm, who has been the lead on this almost from the start. As you know, we were promised completion numerous times, only to see the promised date moved back repeatedly. There are still adjustments to be made, and required inspections, but it LOOKS like it MIGHT be ready and operational by the end of  THIS YEAR. We can hope!  As soon as we have definite information to go on, we can finalize plans and a date for a celebration. After all, we were told that, without an elevator, there was no sense in doing anything with that beautiful building. Thanks to diligent and unstinting work by Restoration Society members, plus the few non-members on the Grants and Funding Committee, we were able to secure the needed funding and achieve what many thought (and some few hoped) was impossible. At a later date, we will post the names of all who worked to make this happen. Watch for a CELEBRATION ANNOUNCEMENT to invite everyone to come and see what we've accomplished so far. Yes, there is much to be done yet,  but we are Mantua Township and the Mantua Restoration Society, and WE CAN DO THIS!

2014 Annual Meeting

          Please click on our link to see a video of the 2014 Annual Meeting , with Steve Coon and others. 2014 Annual Meeting


Here is a picture of the coverlet we are selling to raise money for MARSI. There are approximately 35 left! They are going fast so do not miss your opportunity! Cost is $50.00 each.  We accept payment via Paypal or call Rhetta Hall at 330.562.1188. 

Tell Us Your Stories!

We'd love to hear and share your Tales of Mantua Center School.  They can be about anything you remember: a favorite teacher, a prank, a snowball fight, (are kids still allowed to have those?) or almost anything else.  We'll try hard not to embarrass anyone, and you can always request to remain anonymous (although the statute of limitations has long since expired!).  Please tell your friends about this because we'd like to keep that page full and we see it as a possible way to reconnect with long-lost classmates from Mantua Center School days.

All stories can be submitted through our Contact Us page.

Our Facebook page

Here is the new facebook page address we promised you.  We hope it works for you.  Feel free to visit us as much as you want.  Also, be sure to tell all your friends about it!






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