About Us


The Mantua Restoration Society, Inc., is a tax-exempt non profit organization chartered by a group of Township residents in 1977 for the purpose of raising funds to renovate the Mantua Township Hall and the Civic Center.  The money was raised, and the work was done by a combination of volunteers and contractors.

The charter was renewed in 2012, the initial focus to be renovation (in cooperation with the Township trustees) of the 1914 Mantua Center School building, purchased from the Crestwood Board of Education in 2004 by the trustees (Victor Grimm, Connie Leedom, and Steve Oros) and fiscal officer (Marie Stehli).  They saw the building as the center of government and civic activities as the township grew.

The Mantua Restoration Society, Inc., is in the process of applying for 501c3 status so that donations will be tax deductible.


Vision Statement

The Mantua Restoration Society, Inc., is a non-profit group of citizens who value and seek to preserve the historic center of Mantua Township as heritage, inspiration, and focus of Township life.

Mission Statement 

The mission of The Mantua Restoration Society, Inc.,  is to seek and develop funding to preserve historic buildings and sites in order for them to be vibrant, integral parts of Township government and civic life.


The Mantua Restoration Society, Inc.  - P.O. Box 665 Mantua, OH 44255